New Artwork!

Hey everyone, I have a lot more artwork being posted up!

…Seriously, it’s a lot of work. 5-10 paintings will be posted a day, so keep checking by to see my new stuff!

The paintings are now divided into SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE; you can visit each page by clicking the corresponding link, or just hover your mouse cursor over ARTWORK on the navigation bar!



[Update] We’re also working on a way to allow people to send donations through the site. If you would like to receive a painting, there will be a minimum donation amount. The minimum amount will be determined by the size and type(original or print) of painting you would like.

If there are any paintings you would like now, please visit our CONTACT page and let us know.

[Update] Still adding! New paintings in the SMALL page.


My New Site!


Welcome to my new website! This painting is called “The Shogun’s Bakufu” and it’s just one of my many paintings. Please visit my “Artwork” page for more!




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